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Total Visibility. Focused Protection.

Skybox gives security leaders the cybersecurity management solutions they need to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services every day. With unparalleled visibility and context-aware intelligence of the attack surface, Skybox solutions drive effective vulnerability and threat management, firewall management and continuous compliance monitoring.

Established in 2002, Skybox is a privately held company with worldwide sales and support teams serving an international customer base of Global 2000 enterprises and government agencies.



Reduce your attack surface and contain cyberattacks fast with a cybersecurity management solution that gives you total visibility and actionable security intelligence.

The Skybox Platform combines firewall and network device data with vulnerability and threat intelligence, prioritizing security issues in the context of your unique environment.

Powerful attack vector analytics reduce response times and risks, bringing firewall, vulnerability and threat management processes for complex networks under control.

Firewall Assurance

Secure and optimize your firewalls and keep rulesets clean with automated firewall rule life cycle management. With support for nearly every enterprise firewall vendor, you can keep security gaps closed and automate continuous compliance across all firewalls at once.

Firewall Assurance also performs “what-if” analysis to see into the future of your network, investigating the security and business impact of proposed changes before they go live.

Continuously monitor all firewalls and network devices. Skybox covers the most comprehensive list of firewall vendors, complex rulesets, even virtual and cloud-based firewalls.

With proven scalability in 1,500+ firewall deployments, Firewall Assurance keeps rules optimized and ensures changes don’t introduce new risk.

Highlighted Features

-Firewall Security Assessment:attack vectors from risky rules and access+

platform vulnerabilities

-Continuous Policy Compliance : automated monitoring and reporting+

more time to focus on strategic security

-Firewall Rule Life Cycle Management : automated rule recertification workflows+

clean, optimized firewalls.

Network Assurance

See your network—no matter how big or complex — with the Skybox network model. Use attack vector analytics to assess proposed network changes, and verify network compliance every day with customizable reporting and metrics.

With the Access Analyzer feature and our support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware NSX, Network Assurance visualizes end-to-end access paths — even into virtualized environments — so the right users have the right access anywhere in your network.


Network Assurance works fast to find device configuration errors or troubleshoot access and connectivity issues in hybrid networks.

Its comprehensive and detailed models enable in–depth assessments and analysis without network disruption. And with 120+ network and security technology integrations, the Skybox model gives you visibility across physical, virtual and cloud networks and even operational technology (OT) environments from one platform.

Highlighted Features

-Network Model : visualize interactions of all network devices +

see into physical, virtual, multi–cloud and OT networks

-Attack Surface Analytics : analyze network paths from any source to any destination +

perform ad hoc queries for application connectivity

-Continuous Compliance :check network zones, routers and switches+

on-demand reports and metrics

Change Manager


Take control of your firewall change management process from ticket to implementation, to guarantee changes are made as intended and don’t introduce new risk.

Validate proposed changes before they’re implemented by checking for policy violations, security gaps or if changes expose vulnerabilities. Once a change is approved, automate change provisioning to improve accuracy and reduce the chance of rework.

With the constant stream of firewall change requests, you can’t let the volume of

those requests or implementation errors compromise availability, security or compliance.

Skybox™ Change Manager fully automates firewall change management

workflows — rule creation, recertification and deprovisioning. And analytics–driven

automation ensures each change is properly handled from request to implementation

and verification.

Change Manager delivers automated modeling capabilities to assess potential business

impacts and closed-loop rule life cycle management to verify that every change

is executed as intended. With customized, automated workflows, IT security teams

can improve change management efficiency by up to 80 percent.*

With Skybox Change Manager, you can:

• Fully automate firewall change management workflows, improving communication

and efficiency across security teams

• Validate proposed firewall changes by checking for access and rule policy violations,

as well as new vulnerabilities

• Use formalized tickets and closed-loop workflows to ensure changes match the

original intent

• Customize and simplify processes to reduce change management time by 80


• Establish end-to-end rule life cycle management for secure infrastructure and

optimized firewalls



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