Denial of Service – It is the type of cyber-attack conducted to make services out of service and access by sending numerous connection requests to the servers, applications, devices and network sources of the targeted organizations. It leads to late satisfaction and non-satisfaction of the requests of the users forming a legitimate traffic by requesting service in a way exceeding the resources of these services.

If the attack is committed by numerous hosts under command of the Master, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) comes into play. It is required to infect the target machine with malware for DDoS attack to appear. Infected machines are called ‘’zombies’’ (other names: daemons, agents, slaves, or bots).

DDoS attacks can be classified into 2 main classes as volume-based or exploit-based. Volume-based DDoS attacks can be defended by using Threshold or Learning-based methods. On the other hand, exploits are prevented to damage the system by using exploit signatures in case of exploit-based attacks.


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