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No one needs to tell you how quickly digital technologies are evolving. Or that data privacy has become a major challenge for businesses, governments and individuals alike.

Each time we use digital services, we create and exchange billions of pieces of data. It’s not just the volume of data that is set to grow. People’s digital interactions will have multiplied by a factor of 50 from 2010 to 2025.

Data is also becoming more personal, forming our online lives. By linking it to our digital identity, we can prove that it’s ours. We can access it whenever we choose. And we can decide to share it or keep it private. This creates a world of opportunities for new services that benefit consumers and organizations alike.

Yet identity theft and data breaches are both growing in frequency and sophistication. As our lives become more digitally connected, these two issues could threaten everything – from our financial transactions and medical records to how we cross borders.


What Is a Hardware Security Module?

A hardware security module (HSM) is a dedicated crypto processor that is specifically designed for the protection of the crypto key lifecycle.

Hardware security modules act as trust anchors that protect the cryptographic infrastructure of some of the most security-conscious

organizations in the world by securely managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys inside a hardened, tamper-resistant device.

Why Use Hardware Security Modules?

Enterprises buy hardware security modules to protect transactions, identities, and applications because HSMs excel at securing cryptographic

keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.

What Makes Gemalto the Best HSM Vendor?

With SafeNet Hardware Security Modules, You Can:

›› Offload and accelerate cryptographic operations to a dedicated cryptographic processor that eliminates bottlenecks and

maximizes application performance

›› Centralize lifecycle management of cryptographic keys—from generation, distribution, rotation, storage, termination, and

archival— in a purpose-built, highly secure appliance

›› Improve profitability and achieve compliance with solutions for paper-to-digital initiatives, PCI DSS, digital signatures,

DNSSEC, hardware key storage, transactional acceleration, certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk key

generation, data encryption, and more.

What Makes Our Hardware Security Modules Unique?

Keys in Hardware

Our portfolio of SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSM) provide leverage a keys-in-hardware approach to provide a high-assurance key vault

for the protection of your most sensitive cryptographic keys. With the keys-in-hardware approach, applications communicate via a client with keys

stored in the hardware security module– but keys never leave the HSM.

Next-Generation Features

With an unparalleled combination of features—including central key and policy management, robust encryption support, simplified integration,

flexible backup options, remote management, and more – SafeNet hardware security modules enable organizations to guard against evolving

threats and capitalize on the emerging opportunities presented in technological advances.

Common Architecture (SafeNet Network, PCIe, and USB HSM Only)

SafeNet General Purpose HSMs benefit from a common architecture where the supported client, APIs, algorithms, and authentication methods

are consistent across the entire General Purpose HSM product line. This eliminates the need to design applications around a specific HSM, and

provides the flexibility to move keys from form factor to form factor.

High Performance

SafeNet hardware security modules boast of best-in-class performance across a breadth of algorithms including ECC, RSA, and symmetric


Route to Cloud

SafeNet Network HSMs support many deployment scenarios, from on-premises data centers to private, hybrid, public, and multi-cloud

environments, providing a tremendous amount of flexibility as it enables customers to move keys in and out of cloud environments.

Broad Integration Ecosystem

SafeNet HSMs benefit from one of the broadest ecosystems available on the market and integrate with over 400 of the most commonly used enterprise

applications for big data, code signing, TLS, web servers, application servers, databases, and many more.



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