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MazeBolt strengthens our customers cyber security resistance to cyber attacks through continuous innovation and by addressing the most pressing cyber security issues our customers need to identify ahead of time. Our approach is an offensive threat assessment strategy delivered through our platform and expertise. MazeBolt believes you can only have a serious defensive security posture when you understand in-depth your current security defenses and vulnerabilities and close those areas of weakness before attackers find and exploit them.


DDoS testing is designed to simulate DDoS attacks against an organizations IT infrastructure during peacetime to understand and validate if an organizations DDoS defenses work as expected. MazeBolts DDoS testing is a methodology designed to proactively validate an organizations DDoS defenses. MazeBolt is the only solution to effectively validate an organization to APT DDoS attacks.

Why test DDos defenses ?

Proactively avoid downtime

Validate Vendor SLAs

Validate DDoS defenses work as expected

Detect configuration issues, for Layer 3, 4 and 7 attack

Train your team to respond to DDoS attacks

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