The codes are analysed to comply with regulations and security standards and avoid code vulnerabilities by Code Analysis. It analyses the codes from the moment of initial generation by SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) method. Thus, the major problem to be faced for solving the vulnerability or compliance problem to arise at the end of the project shall be avoided.

It indicates the vulnerabilities of generated codes and provides solution methods. It also ensure compliance with the regulations and checks compliance with OWASP, Top 10, SANS 25, PCI DSS HIPAA and many other regulations.

Source code analysis may be Static or Dynamic. By static code analysis, the code may be analysed before being executed. Thus, the mistakes are revealed at the first stages of code development. Developers shall also be provided with training by raising awareness with detailed reports even if they are not aware of the security standards. Following completion of static analysis, dynamic analysis is executed by real-time programme test.

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