No one needs to tell you how quickly digital technologies are evolving. Or that data privacy has become a major challenge for businesses, governments and individuals alike.

Each time we use digital services, we create and exchange billions of pieces of data. It’s not just the volume of data that is set to grow. People’s digital interactions will have multiplied by a factor of 50 from 2010 to 2025.

Data is also becoming more personal, forming our online lives. By linking it to our digital identity, we can prove that it’s ours. We can access it whenever we choose. And we can decide to share it or keep it private. This creates a world of opportunities for new services that benefit consumers and organizations alike.

Yet identity theft and data breaches are both growing in frequency and sophistication. As our lives become more digitally connected, these two issues could threaten everything – from our financial transactions and medical records to how we cross borders.

THALES CDP (CipherTrust Database Protection)

By deploying CDP, the Thales CipherTrust Manager appliance can provide security by encrypting and decrypting the data flowing into and out of your databases. Encryption is performed at the column level of a specific set of tables inside the database. Deployment starts with encrypting existing information in your databases. This process is called data migration. The data migration is an interaction between the database table, CDP, and the encryption capabilities of Thales CipherTrust Manager.

  • Application-transparent, column-level database encryption across multi-vendor database management systems in the data center and in the cloud
  • Centralized policy control of data access with granular restriction options and regular key rotation
  • Segregate data within a database and meet compliance mandates.



Thales CipherTrust Application Data Protection
THALES CTE (CipherTrust Transparent Encryption)
Thales DDC ( CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification)
THALES Hardware Security Module (HSM)
THALES Identity and Access Management

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