Acronis is the fastest, easiest and most complete solution for backing up, returning, replication, reporting of VMware ESX(i) host servers and virtual servers on it.

With the Backup Advanced product family available for corporate customers, all Windows, Linux, Vmware, Hyper-V and client backup operations can be managed from a single console.

A significant number of customers who prefer Acronis are using the product for PC backup on the corporate side. Image backup and file / folder backup are supported in PC backup.

Also Acronis is a backup program that helps to make a full backup of all the applications used. In physical, virtual and cloud environments, Acronis can help you safely transport, protect, and back up critical data. Acronis is one of the most efficient software for backing up virtual servers on Microsoft Server platforms with Vmware.


Acronis is a complete solution that can perform backup, return, replication and reporting of PCs, servers and applications in physical, virtual and cloud environments through a single console in a practical way.



  • Image and file backup
  • Support for Mac OS, Windows and mobile device (IOS, Android)
  • Protect both user files and backup files against encryption / Ransomeware viruses with Active Protection. (Cloudberry can only protect backup files)
  • Network interruption or resumption of sleep mode
  • Patented hardware independent image restore feature
  • Backing up only file extensions without specifying path
  • Centralized management support, remote agent installation and update
  • Active Directory integration
  • No one can access the backups, including system administrators, because users can set their own passwords
  • Secure backup on client machine with Secure Zone feature
    • Secure Zone is a technology belonging to Acronis. With this feature, a part of the PC's disk is reserved as a backup and backups can be written to this field. Virus attacks are not affected because this field cannot be seen by the operating system. 
  • Capable of taking backups in 5 different areas
  • Tape support
  • SFTP support
  • Acronis Cloud with the option to backup the data out of the encrypted database Quick restore by pressing F11 key during boot.
    • Acronis enables the system to be opened with the Acronis Recovery agent when F11 is pressed while the PC is booted when Startup Recovery Manager is enabled. In this way, even if the operating system of the PC is not running, the image in the Secure Zone or at another location can be restored.
  • File filtering (blocking backup of video and music etc.)
  • Distributed architecture and thousands of client's backup operations can be managed from a single center
  • All operating systems from XP SP3 to Windows 10 are supported.
  • Turkish management interface and Turkish documentation
  • Easy to use


An on-premise enterprise file sync and share solution that balances employees' need to use all their devices to be productive with the organization's need for data security, visibility and compliance.


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